Upgrade of Offshore Security Facilities (UOSF)

    Design, procurement, construction and hand over to SAUDI ARAMCO an integrated platform to bolster security operations within SAUDI ARAMCO’s maritime jurisdiction. This system serves as an offshore asset protection framework, aggregating targets from various site areas and those detected by existing systems owned by different stakeholders, into a single unified software interface for operators.

    Core Project Elements include:

    • State-of-the-art Maritime Situational Awareness

      Provision of new sensors and upgrade & integration of existing systems as per Saudi Arabia High Commission for Industrial Security (HCIS) directives

      Complex brownfield installations

      Challenging logistics and civil engineering tasks, both offshore and onshore

      Upgrading security operating procedures across multiple stakeholders

      Design of redundant data centers and critical operation rooms

      Connection through an existing underwater fiber optic network

      Enhancement of security measures for offshore facilities against a wide and evolving range of threats

      Deployment of multiple radars and optical & thermal sensors across coastal and maritime environments

    Operiamo su

    • Analisi, audit tecnologici e prestazionali
    • Infrastrutture di rete e VoIP
    • Sistemi server/storage/backup
    • Supporto agli IT manager
    • Analisi stato della rete
    • Analisi dei livelli di utilizzo delle risorse
    • Verifica funzionalità ed efficienza sistemi
    • Procedure di test e analisi consolidate

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