NATO Programs

    Serving NATO programs for 65 years

    Page Europa has a longstanding successfull cooperation with NATO and several Ministries of Defense around the world. Telecommunication systems both fixed and mobile, provided by Page Europa represents the state-of-art of technology and are part of the most important on-going military programs.  Major delivered programs are:

    • NATO Fixed & Deployable Short & Long Range Radio systems
    • NATO (NCIA) Deployable GAG & GM Radio systems
    • Broadcast, Maritime Rear Link and Ship Shore System (BRASS)
    • NATO (NCIA) Link 16 Coverage at 29,000 Feet
    • NATO (NC3A) Short & Long Range LOS Radio systems
    • NATO TSGT – Transportable Satellite Ground Terminal
    • NATO UIE COM : User Interface Enclosures for Communications
    • NATO Information Systems Modules for the CJTFs
    • NATO MEWSG : Multi-Service Electronic Warfare Support Group
    • PTC: Packet Transmission Component

    Broadcast and Ship to Shore (BRASS) 

    The BRASS serves as a key element in NATO's naval communication, connecting shore stations for extensive maritime coverage. It grants naval forces strategic communication capabilities and access to network services such as email and chat, traditionally only available on shore-based IP networks. Utilizing advanced High Frequency (HF) technologies, BRASS IP Enhanced System (BRIPES) is set to transform BRASS radio stations, enhancing beyond line-of-sight communication. This modernization aims to equip NATO Maritime Commands with robust command and control capabilities independent of satellite systems. Page Europa has delivered complete custom systems, including transmission equipment, antennas, data, and voice processing automating communication services and enhancing responsiveness and management of NATO allied forces. 


    Page Europa has implemented and delivered integrated deployable sheltered telecom systems designed for Ground-to-Air-to-Ground (GAG) and Ground-to-Maritime (GM) radio communications, extending the operational capability of NATO DARS. The Deployable Air Control Centre, Recognized Air Picture Production Centre and Sensor Fusion Post (DARS) is NATO's deployable air surveillance and control capability, responsible for the control of air missions including surface-to-air missiles, air traffic management and control, area air surveillance, production of a recognized air picture and other tactical control functions.
    Each shelter supports seamless operations through various communication systems, and it is mounted on a trailer providing power generation.
    The GAG and GM systems are designed for unmanned operation. After system set-up, the operators may leave the shelter and control and monitor the systems remotely using the Remote Configuration Monitor and Management (RCMM) system running on servers installed within the shelter. The RCMM system is remotely accessible through Laptop computers connected to the shelter by Fibre Optic cable assemblies.

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    • Infrastrutture di rete e VoIP
    • Sistemi server/storage/backup
    • Supporto agli IT manager
    • Analisi stato della rete
    • Analisi dei livelli di utilizzo delle risorse
    • Verifica funzionalità ed efficienza sistemi
    • Procedure di test e analisi consolidate

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