BlueSHIELD stands at the forefront of maritime situational awareness, embodying the prototype of refinement and modernity in surveillance solutions. This isn't just about watching over the seas; it's about a comprehensive Command, Control, Intelligence (C2I) platform that seamlessly collects, connects, and controls a diverse array of sensors and data feeds. It all converges into a singular, user-friendly interface designed to streamline operations and enhance decision-making processes.

    The vastness of maritime domains

    In the vastness of maritime domains, data can quickly become overwhelming. Recognizing this, BlueSHIELD integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence to sift through the noise, enabling operators to decipher the full maritime picture with unprecedented clarity. This capability ensures that decision-makers can act swiftly and with greater confidence, leveraging insights powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms for target behavioral analysis and image analytics.


    The essence of BlueSHIELD's value

    The essence of BlueSHIELD's value proposition lies in its versatility. It integrates an extensive range of sensors and external databases, providing a holistic tool for maritime security. This encompasses not only the surveillance of offshore facilities, such as oil and gas platforms, wind farms, vessels, and pipelines but also extends to land-based infrastructure monitoring, including ports, harbors, naval bases, and refineries. Anomaly detection further underscores BlueSHIELD's efficacy, offering robust surveillance capabilities across sea surfaces and underwater domains.


    BlueSHIELD's ambition

    BlueSHIELD's ambition reaches far beyond the conventional scope of maritime surveillance. Understanding the critical need for a holistic defense strategy, BlueSHIELD has expanded its capabilities to integrate aerial drones and submarine sensors. This advancement provides complete coverage across Air, Sea, and Undersea realms, solidifying BlueSHIELD as a comprehensive "shield" solution for maritime situational awareness. Whether it involves monitoring coastal activities, deploying digital twins for infrastructure oversight, or safeguarding the environment through oil spill detection, BlueSHIELD's array of features addresses a wide array of operational requirements.


    Operational excellence

    Operational excellence is further enhanced by BlueSHIELD's adherence to open standard architecture and its AI-driven alarm and decision support systems. Integration with intelligence systems, including SIGINT and web and social media intelligence modules, adds layers of depth to the situational awareness capabilities. Furthermore, the integration with counter-drones and undersea sensors speaks to BlueSHIELD's commitment to providing a comprehensive security solution, effectively managing threats from above and below the surface.


    Designed with state-of-the-art Human Machine Interface (HMI) and developed in line with IALA recommendations, BlueSHIELD has a service-oriented architecture to ensure scalability and adaptability. With BlueSHIELD, maritime operators have a powerful ally in the quest to safeguard maritime interests and protect the world's vital maritime domains.