NCSS (National Coastal Surveillance System)

    Brunei National Coastal Surveillance System (NCSS) 

    To significantly enhance Brunei's maritime domain awareness and security, the Prime Minister's Office has initiated a pioneering strategy by advocating for the deployment of an advanced, network-centric, nationwide maritime surveillance system. This system is designed to facilitate interoperability among various security and enforcement agencies throughout the country. 

    Understanding the paramount importance of protecting the nation's sovereignty, stability, and economic interests, the government has identified the implementation of the National Coastal Surveillance System (NCSS) as imperative. The NCSS is set to transform Brunei's approach to maritime surveillance by harmonizing diverse information sources—including radar and electro-optical/infrared sensors—along with communication systems distributed along the coastal areas.

    At the core of this initiative is Page Europa's BlueSHIELD system, an innovative, integrated command, control, and intelligence (C2I) solution specifically developed for maritime settings. BlueSHIELD distinguishes itself through its ability to gather, analyze, and disseminate real-time operational data from numerous sensor sites and external databases. This capability provides users with the crucial information necessary to make timely and informed decisions.

    The system incorporates a complex integration of sensor inputs, including radars, electro-optical systems (EOS), Automatic Identification System (AIS) & Radio Direction Finding (RDF), Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) & Satellite AIS (S-AIS), as well as HF & VHF communications. 

    Page Europa's responsibility encompasses a comprehensive turnkey solution that includes the design, engineering, and testing of equipment and systems, as well as the construction of civil works, communication towers, and all related installations. 

    All local operations are coordinated through our regional operations center, Page Asia Pacific, which will also oversee maintenance and future program expansions, ensuring the system's longevity and adaptability to evolving maritime surveillance needs.

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