Military Shelters

    Our Experience

    Page Europa has decades of experience in delivering deployable tactical systems for military applications through light aluminum shelters manufactured by its Turkish subsidiary PAGETEL.
    PAGETEL designs, manufactures and integrates custom military shelters for the Turkish Armed Forces, Tier1 Defence Companies, NATO & NATO Agencies and armed forces across the globe.
    Our light weight aluminum shelters are designed to be fully and readily transportable by truck, tow truck, trailer, rail, cargo plane, helicopter and ship.

    Our capability

    We provide both fixed and expandable (“2 in 1” and “3 in 1”) solutions that can be equipped with electro-mechanical riser legs with internal or external height adjustment.

    military shelters

    Page Europa and Pagetel

    Engineers at Page Europa and Pagetel have designed a fully compliant shelter which responds to the main NATO (NATO I -II -III, ACE I -II -III, MIL-STD, IEEE) and ISO standards, capable of withstanding the most adverse weather conditions as required by NATO and military application climatic and environmental specifications for deployable CIS assets (OPE-1X).

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    The high level of  RFI, EMI, EMP and TEMPEST protection together with the seamless integration of BC (Biological and Chemical) filtration systems make our shelters the reference market solution for Deployable Communications Information Systems and Telecommunication and Tactical Mobile Command Centers.

    Patriot® Shelters

    Page Europa is at the forefront of defense innovation, offering support to the Raytheon Patriot air and missile defense system. 
    Patriot system itself is a cornerstone in modern military strategy, the world’s combat-proven surface-to-air missile defense system designed to intercept both manned and unmanned aircraft, missiles, and tactical ballistic missiles. Through an Agreement with Raytheon, an RTX business, Page Europa delivers custom military-grade shelters designed to integrate seamlessly with Patriot. This responsibility meets the stringent design requirements of the Patriot system, and provides housing for Information and Coordination Centrals, Communication Relay Groups, and Engagement Control Stations. Page Europa's shelters are poised to meet the growing demand for ruggedized, customizable support equipment, and expanding the company's footprint in the defense sector. The success of the shelters, as evidenced by the Agreement with Raytheon and subsequent Purchase Orders, highlights the demand for tailor-made military shelter solutions, affirming Page Europa's pivotal role in supporting global defense infrastructure.

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