Telecom & Security System Integration

    Page Europa's expertise enables the company to merge diverse third-party subsystems, sensors, and software, delivering comprehensive integrated solutions to clients in the energy, defense, and critical infrastructure sectors. The Company has an outstanding track record in the Oil & Gas industry, where it has been a leading Telecom System Integrator (TSI) operating globally for many decades executing several iconic programs. The offered solutions are tailor-made for the challenging conditions typical of this industry, whether it involves refinery or pipelines across remote deserts,deep offshore Oil&Gas platforms or large offshore substations for wind renewable energy. 
    Page Europa plays a key role in the Energy market by ensuring that various telecommunications and security systems operate seamlessly together, enhancing operations, safety, and efficiency. Our involvement is critical from the planning and design phases through to the implementation, maintenance and upgrading of telecom systems.


    Comprehensive Suite of Customized Integrated Systems

    Our expertise in IT, communication, security, and surveillance systems is bolstered by its longstanding, trusted partnerships with a large cadre of major technology and sub-system providers, enabling the seamless delivery of highly engineered, customized solutions across diverse end markets. 

    The systems we use to deliver in our projects are:


    IT & Communications

    • Optical Transport Networks
    • Microwave and Radio Networks
    • Space Satellite Communication Networks
    • Switching Systems for Voice and Data
    • Integrated Network Management Systems
    • Private Mobile Radio (“PMR”) Systems
    • LAN/WAN Systems and Infrastructures
    • Hotlines and Intercom Systems
    • Operation and Supervisory Centers
    • Command and Control Centers
    • Fixed and Mobile Communication Infrastructures

    Security & Surveillance

    • Intrusion Detection Systems
    • Border Control Systems
    • Auxiliary Subsystems
    • Screening and Scanning Portals / Machines
    • Personnel, Crew, and Vehicle Location and Tracking Systems
    • ISPS Compliant Port Security Systems
    • Alarms, Monitoring, Operation, Command & Supervisory (“SCADA”) Centers & Systems
    • Radar systems, Sonar Systems, Long Range Detection and Assessment Systems, and CCTV Systems
    • Drone and Antidrone Systems