The group

    People who create solutions, solutions that shape the future

    The values of excellence, Italian identity, innovation, growth, not only economically but also socially and humanely, are not just the foundations that determine the success of the Maticmind Group, but above all the shared principles that give shape and character to its companies.
    Indeed, they constitute the core elements of the company's vision, which focuses on the professional and human growth of the people who are the true heritage of the company. 

    The Growth Project

    The Maticmind Group was born from an entrepreneurial project of the Saladino family. In November 2022, the CVC Fund, one of the world's leading private equity funds, believing strongly in this project, acquires the controlling stake in Maticmind. At the same time, CDP Equity, a direct emanation of the Ministry of the Economy, also decides to invest in Maticmind with a significant equity stake. The President, Carmine Saladino, at the head of the group, retains the remaining shares of the society.

    The company has a challenging Industrial Plan in which it forecasts a significant growth of its business volume over the next 5 years, both by internal and external lines, with a series of acquisitions of excellence aimed at building an aggregation pole for the Italian Information Technology sector, which is increasingly strategic for adapting the country's public and private technological infrastructures.

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