Crafting Safe Tomorrows

    Page Europa stands at the confluence of tradition and innovation, embodying a legacy of excellence and a future of cutting-edge solutions in information technology, communications, security, and surveillance systems.

    With a history spanning over 65 years, we have become synonymous with delivering complex, world-class projects across the globe, ensuring our solutions thrive in extreme environments, offshore, on the battlefield, or during pivotal missions.

    Our expertise in the Energy, Defense, and Critical Infrastructure markets is unparalleled, marked by the successful completion of over 1,000 projects that have fortified international assets.

    Since 2024, Page Europa is part of Maticmind Group controlled by the CVC Fund, one of the world's leading private equity funds and CDP Equity (Italian Ministry of Economy).


    At the heart of our operations is an unwavering commitment to an independent approach in systems integration. This ensures that every solution we deliver is meticulously tailored to meet the specific requirements and operating procedures of our customers.


    Our swift responsiveness to unforeseen events or sudden shifts mirrors the inherent flexibility that is deeply embedded in our DNA. The reliability of our solutions, alongside the protection of people, data, and assets, forms the cornerstone of our value proposition.

    We simplify the complexity of technological solutions, making them user-friendly and accessible. By standing side by side with our clients during their most complex challenges, we reinforce our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the relentless pursuit of excellence.


    Headquartered in Rome, with our primary assembly plant located nearby in Monterotondo, Page Europa’s global footprint extends through strategic affiliates in Turkey, Oman, and Brunei. This international presence underpins our capability to serve a diverse client base with agility and precision, ensuring that we are always there, ready to meet our clients' needs, anywhere and anytime.
    Join us as Page Europa continues to set new standards in technology and service, crafting a safer and always connected world. 

    Our Mission

    We are dedicated to advancing the boundaries of technology to protect and connect our world. Our mission is to harness our deep expertise in security and telecom to deliver robust, innovative solutions that ensure the safety and efficiency of the critical sectors we serve.

    We are committed to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, guiding our partners through the complexities of the modern technological landscape with reliability and precision.

    Our International Footprint

    Page Europa boasts a comprehensive project portfolio with successful deliveries across multiple continents, availing of regional offices to support the operations around the globe.

    Our Regional Delivery Centers:

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