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With more than 60 years of successful cooperation with NATO and several Ministries of Defense around the world.  Telecommunications systems, both fixed and mobile, provided by Page Europa represents the state-of-art of technology and are part of the most important on-going military programs.

  • NATO Fixed & Deployable Short & Long Range Radio systems
  • NATO (NCIA) Deployable GAG & GM Radio systems
  • Broadcast, Maritime Rear Link and Ship Shore System (BRASS)
  • NATO (NCIA) Link 16 Coverage at 29,000 Feet
  • NATO (NC3A) Short & Long Range LOS Radio systems
  • NATO TSGT – Transportable Satellite Ground Terminal
  • NATO UIE COM : User Interface Enclosures for COMmunications
  • NATO Information Systems Modules for the CJTFs
  • NATO MEWSG : Multi-Service Electronic Warfare Support Group
  • PTC: Packet Transmission Component